Climbing above the corporate noise

Why exclamation marks in the logo instead of the letter ‘i’?

In the printing world of the early 1900’s, the exclamation mark was often referred to as a “Christer”. In today’s hacker culture, the exclamation mark is often referred to as a “Pling”. Christer + Pling are management consultants specialising in taking organisations from their old ways – to new and better ways – just as the name suggests.

Core to their charter, Christer + Pling required a communications platform that showcased both their multi-disciplinary business expertise and their future-focused capabilities as drivers of corporate change. Liquid Communications created their new website to reflect the clarity of purpose and intelligence of their consultancy model.

The design focus is inspired by technology and change, yet at its heart is the human connection vital to guiding change – from HR to Operations, from Risk & Compliance to Technology, the Christer + Pling site exudes their inherent sense confidence and professionalism.