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    Big Ideas

Liquid is an extraordinary free flowing substance.
It fills the space you give it. It changes shape.
It has the freedom to move, reshape, refine, customise, or stay the same.
Pretty cool eh?

It goes with out saying that here at Liquid Communications, Sydney we take a ‘liquid’ approach. We regard no obstruction as insurmountable. We work around them by seeking out new strategies, strengthened by innovative thinking.

Our knowledge and flexibility are among the most important qualities we offer. Our successful ideas come from uncovering the right consumer insights by fully understanding what our clients point of difference is.

Everything we do is measured by results and creating solutions that make profit sense for you. Have a look around our site then please get in touch to chat about how we can liquify your brand.


Strategic marketing communications in any medium

Liquid Communications Strategic Advertising


Nothing beats a simple effective idea. The Liquid way is to help build your brand with a steady stream of strategic solutions to all your communication problems. We could be your greatest liquid asset.

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Liquid Communications Marketing


Marketing is shouting to the world about your amaaaazing product and just how damn good it is! By print, by web, by video, by word of mouth, by climbing that tree over there and howling to the moon! We can help you with them all.

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Liquid Communications Graphic Design


Silent, pulsing, beating, in the heart of all we do at Liquid, is Graphic Design. Our visual, strategic and problem solving creations have helped lift our clients brands for over 10 years.

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Liquid Communications Website Design & Development


At Liquid we know that in today’s world, a highly effective website is one where information meets design. Fast, detailed, beautiful. The front door to any business… and we are your liquid concierge.

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Liquid Website Design


We create software that is a perfect fit for you, your customers and your systems. But that’s only part of it. We pour oodles of liquid cool into every project and exceed our clients expectations every time.

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Liquid Communications Brand Development


What is a brand? Just a name really. Well that’s how its starts anyway. At Liquid, we take that name, add some spice, choice meaty cuts, the freshest of veggies, and a whole lotta liquid. Now you got yourself – a BRAND.

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E-mail Marketing & List Building

E-mail marketing & list building

Effective e-mail marketing begins with the right list And as we all know, putting together the right list is easier said than done. Obviously it needs to be permission-based. Meaning that your targets have agreed to receive it, usually in response to your offer of information of value to them. Without permission it is just …

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The ‘GIGO’ design principle to avoid at all costs, whatever the medium.

The GIGO principle: Avoid it for better design work! What sort of principle do you avoid rather than embrace? The GIGO Principle is well worth keeping clear of. Based on the premise that ‘Garbage In = Garbage Out‘ it clearly needs to be avoided at all costs when talking to your friendly neighbourhood designer and/or …

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Keyboard Warriors: Facebook, Social Media, Cyber Trolling

Calling all ‘Keyboard Warriors’

That’s right folks, Facebook, or, The Facebook as my mother-in-law hilariously refers to it, is a horrific wasteland for the negative, lonely and downright nasty human beings that live within us. Where talkin’ a Mad Max (1 of course) style terrain inside your computer, and your head. It doesn’t matter how cute the post, how …

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Know what youre doing

Know what you’re doing?!

Know who you’re communicating with… and why. Before briefing your designer you need to be crystal clear in your mind what you want and why. That sounds blindingly obvious, but there’s still a lot of woolly briefing out there. (We were going to say ‘woolly briefs’ but that wasn’t going anywhere good). It’s surprising how …

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