The Database Dept. adds Liquid to their information flow

Collecting, managing and providing clarity around large quantities of data from diverse sources is just part of the value equation… making sense of it is the key – enter The Database Dept.

The three pillars of the Database Dept.’s services are Relationship Management, Market Management and Data Management. The data provided via cloud based platforms helps clients determine and manage more cost efficiently sales and marketing to their total addressable market.

Liquid was tasked with creating a customer centric web based marketing solution, and building a ‘How We Help by Job Function’ website. The website content is dynamically loaded according to either job function or role. This enables key executives from CEO to Director of Sales to quickly gain a first-hand view of what their peers are thinking about, and what is important to them in delivering world’s best practice sales and marketing coverage. Other strategic elements developed by Liquid Communications included social media integration, ads, and software screens.