As the dust finally settles on the Federal Election, I’ve reached one conclusion from ScoMo’s fairytale charge to victory – You can’t trust anyone.

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Maintaining your Relationships – R U OK for business?

Every relationship requires maintenance. Whether it’s a personal or business relationship, that loving feeling can fade if the connection isn’t maintained. R U OK?

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E-mail Marketing & List Building

E-mail marketing & list building

Effective e-mail marketing begins with the right list And as we all know, putting together the right list is easier said than done. Obviously it needs to be permission-based. Meaning that your targets have agreed to receive it, usually in response to your offer of information of value to them. Without permission it is just …

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The ‘GIGO’ design principle to avoid at all costs, whatever the medium.

The GIGO principle: Avoid it for better design work! What sort of principle do you avoid rather than embrace? The GIGO Principle is well worth keeping clear of. Based on the premise that ‘Garbage In = Garbage Out‘ it clearly needs to be avoided at all costs when talking to your friendly neighbourhood designer and/or …

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Keyboard Warriors: Facebook, Social Media, Cyber Trolling

Calling all ‘Keyboard Warriors’

That’s right folks, Facebook, or, The Facebook as my mother-in-law hilariously refers to it, is a horrific wasteland for the negative, lonely and downright nasty human beings that live within us. Where talkin’ a Mad Max (1 of course) style terrain inside your computer, and your head. It doesn’t matter how cute the post, how …

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Know what youre doing

Know what you’re doing?!

Know who you’re communicating with… and why. Before briefing your designer you need to be crystal clear in your mind what you want and why. That sounds blindingly obvious, but there’s still a lot of woolly briefing out there. (We were going to say ‘woolly briefs’ but that wasn’t going anywhere good). It’s surprising how …

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Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. What’s in-store for many of us in 2016? There’s a few things we can bet on – like the dollar going down, the share market drifting all over the place, oil and mineral prices flat-lining at best…  We all have to get use to coping with …

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Thank you for making 2017 great. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

WOW! What a year filled with some amazing events, some terrifying, some heartfelt, some funny, and then there’s ‘The Donald’ – Scary! In our little corner of the innovation world lots of things are starting to happen that should be good for business in 2016. Who knows, more of our clients might finally get to …

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A design audit: not as frightening as it sounds

Let’s go back sufficient millennia to contemplate the declining fortunes of Ogg, cavemen entrepreneur, recent inventor of the wheel (patent pending). Sales had declined sharply of late and the path once beaten to his cave was now overgrown with weeds inhabited by small mammals: fast, furious and sharp of tongue. Also sharp of tongue was …

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