Advertising, marketing, media, content, social and so on… it’s all about communication, right?

We’re all supposed to be experts in communication (well, at least we get paid for it). However, there’s one aspect that we can all improve on – and that’s the client to agency and agency to client communications.

As an agency, we are often so enthused about a project it’s hard to see beyond the opportunity to check for the obstacles. We are like kids in a candy store and so eager to solve the marketing problem that we don’t actually stop and ask the awkward questions to get to the root of the problem.

When I say ‘awkward’, I do mean awkward – because no product or service is so superior that there aren’t some hidden issues that need revealing.

It’s hard for us to ask those questions, and often clients feel affronted if they sense their baby is being picked apart. But these are the discussions we all have to have if any communication is going to work in the marketplace. After all, if we don’t objectively evaluate the product and package our communications accordingly, then the consumer surely will.

What we are talking about here isn’t strategy or planning which is always big picture and longer-term, rather, it is about the immediacy of each project and how we can dig deeper and go beyond the formal written brief for answers. It is surprising just how much new intelligence can be found in everyone being brave enough to ask the awkward questions.

At Liquid, we encourage full and frank discussion with our clients about their brands and their project objectives so that we can create campaigns that truthfully sell to the strengths of the product. Equally, we encourage full and frank discussions about our creativity and contribution to ROI.

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