A design audit: not as frightening as it sounds

Let’s go back sufficient millennia to contemplate the declining fortunes of Ogg, cavemen entrepreneur, recent inventor of the wheel (patent pending). Sales had declined sharply of late and the path once beaten to his cave was now overgrown with weeds inhabited by small mammals: fast, furious and sharp of tongue. Also sharp of tongue was …

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Getting the best results from your designer

Basically it’s all in the briefing. Letting the designer in on the secret so there’s no guesswork, no room for ‘unforced errors’ as the tennis folk say when not squealing, grunting or throwing racquets. But I digress. For reasons no one can really fathom, effective briefing is often a bit of a sticking point. Generally, …

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Liquid Communications new logo

Rebranding Liquid: Practising what we preach

There we were, dispensing sage advice to clients about effective branding, including rebranding for those whose brands had begun to acquire anonymity through being, shall we say, a little outdated. This sad affliction presents with a number of common symptoms to which the sufferer is often oblivious. These include persisting with an old logo or …

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