THIRTEEN THANK YOU’S – Happy Birthday to us!

I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of my clients, not once, not twice – but thirteen times. That’s because without your trust and support Liquid Communications wouldn’t be celebrating 13 years in business today.

For any small business to survive for this length of time is an achievement. Because we rode straight into the GFC after starting up and managed to pop out the other side in one piece was nothing short of miraculous. And that miracle was the support of our clients through thick and thin.

When we began, life was a lot simpler. We prided ourselves as a team who knew all about the multiple channels of communication. What we didn’t know was the smartphone was about to change the world. Fortunately, we’ve been able to ride each steep learning curve with our clients, and as each new advancement comes along we begin a new lesson, and if that tech looks like it has potential, then we embrace it and adapt our thinking to maximise how it works for our clients.

Clients have come and gone (and quite a few have come back again) and over this time, many professional relationships have developed into personal friendships that make this business all the more emotionally rewarding. That’s what I’m so personally proud about.

Today on August 16th, 2019 the world has reached a stage few of us would have imagined in our worst dreams. Leadership and statesmanship are values of a distant past, the rules of economic theory are out the window, and the vitriol of social media has all but obliterated the art of human kindness.

Given these circumstances, myself and everyone at Liquid are more determined than ever to be the agency that manages the monumental business and communication changes of today and tomorrow BUT does so with an old fashioned sense of good grace, integrity and most importantly a sense of humour.

Happy birthday to us… and a huge thanks to you, our clients.