“We like to sell things and make friends”

We are a Sydney-based communications agency. Our role is very simple. We like to sell things and make friends.

Our purpose is to sell goods, services and information. Our strengths lie in Customer acquisition, retention, database marketing and relationship building. This takes many forms for many clients. Marketing consultants, Graphic Designers, Advertising Consultants, Website Designers, iPad Presentation Designers, Social Media Experts, in a nutshell, whatever it takes to reach a successful result.

Customers are not acquired by boring messages that have no relevance to them. Nor by a constant bombardment of communication that obeys all the known rules but lacks the spark that fires the connection. You cannot bore people into buying. Relationships are not built by condescension, but by caring. Because the world is constantly changing, it is fundamental that we are totally committed to learning. Knowledge is the most important quality we have to offer you.

We seek to always go beyond the envelope in the search for more effective solutions. Different ways to stand out from the crowd, different ways to get your message heard, understood, and acted upon.

Above all, we have learnt the value of a dollar. We loathe waste. That is why all we do for you is dictated by results. We ruthlessly pursue measurement and accountability for everything we do. In our book, what you spend on communication, in whatever medium, should not be written off as a cost. Our goal is to make it a valuable asset.

A Liquid asset.

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